“How can the robotics industry realise the automation potential?”

A few examples of drones and robotics in Denmark.

What is the automation potential, what challenges will we face and how to address them?   “The drone industry is poised for substantial growth, driven largely by the promise of automation. However, several challenges must be addressed to fully harness the automation potential within the industry. Many aspects regarding security, in particular cybersecurity, production, the […]

“Welcoming Confidee to our facilities in Poland was truly delightful”.

Team CONFIDEE visited the Kitron facilities in Poland to build strong partership.

“Welcoming Confidee to our facilities in Poland was truly delightful. Our mutual dedication towards compliance, and our commitment to fostering long-term relationships founded on mutual respect and trust, provide a strong footing for future collaborations. We are excited for all opportunities that lie ahead”, says Marek Browalski, Managing Director Kitron Poland.  From the moment we arrived, it […]

Chinese New Year, time to plan

Chinese New Year smart to plan your PCB orders.

The Chinese New Year holiday in 2024, is from February 9th to February 15th, time to plan!  As always, planning, preparing and communicating improves the situation. To mitigate the impact of Chinese New Year on the PCB supply chain, we encourage our partners to plan, place orders in advance, prioritize your most crucial articles and […]

Event by Force Technology and CenSec for improved understanding of certifications

Learning of certifications

As a printed circuit partner with a backbone of Compliance and Export Control, no need to say we work for a protected PCB supply chain, where safe data handling, accurate certifications and cyber security is profound. Attending seminars and events that focus on this area, meeting fellow enthusiasts and experts, is as regular to us, […]

Race track and track and gaps

For us, personal is not just a value we write on power points or flash in social media, it’s the foundation in all we do. Recently we invited some of our French customers to join us at a Karting Event, a day filled with speed, laughter and great discussions. Our customers are everything but a […]

It sure was impressive!

CONFIDEES Torben Hajslund at DALO Industry Days an impressive event.

“In an era marked by technological advancements and evolving threats, a protected printed circuit supply chain has become a paramount consideration within the Defence Industry. CONFIDEE’s steadfast commitment to providing a protected PCB supply chain with trusted partners, positions us as a prime choice for meeting the stringent demands of the defence sector”, says Sales […]

A comprehensive showcase of cutting-edge technologies and innovations

Recently we visited IDEF, the International Defence Industry Fair in Turkey, an impressive event hosting a record number of visitors and exhibitors. Attending such event is a great opportunity to meet up with industry partners, connect with potential new partners, and discuss with industry experts.  “As a partner to major defence companies, attending fairs like […]

News from the French Aviation Industry

The Buias visited The International Paris Air Show, Aviation Industry.

Last week we visited The International Paris Air Show, the 55th edition of the popular fair, a prestigious event in the aviation industry and attractive meeting arena for those in it.  “As a PCB partner for French aviation companies and EMSs, we are excited to visit The International Paris Air Show, to meet up with existing […]

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