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Company headquarter is situated in Norway, with branch offices strategically positioned in Australia, Sweden, Finland, France, Poland, Italy, Germany, Hong Kong and Denmark.

VAT: 920 538 366  


Tony Mok

Sales Manager Asia
+852-9287 8201

Terho Koivisto

Sales Manager Finland & Baltics
+358 40 553 2678

Patrick Sandberg

Sales Manager Germany
+46 70 922 88 22

Torben Hajslund

Sales Manager Denmark
+45 21 15 72 80

Torben Hajslund is what he calls himself an “old fashioned salesman”, that lives and breathes for the profession of sales, providing an exceptional service to the customers with dedication and knowledge.

He entered the world of printed circuits in 1992, and has served roles as Sales Export Engineer, Export Sales Manager, Sales Export and Marketing Director, Country Manager and now Sales Manager Denmark, facilitating various industries and customers.

Torben has a big heart and a profound dedication in providing world class service and priority for all customers.


Torger Edland

Sales Manager Norway
+47 918 47 300

Torger Edland has been in the industry of printed circuits since 1999. From 1999 until 2009 he worked in sales and management at Capinor, the last PCB Manufacturer in Norway. After the factory was closed down he continued in the industry, still in sales but in various printed circuit providers. The last decade he has been a vital sales resource in Elmatica, as Country Manager Norway.

Torger, or Toggen, amongst friends, lives and breathes for the PCB industry, his experience from sales and production makes him a vital resource for our customers in regards to production challenges and questions, as well as knowledge and a deep understanding when it comes to sales related information.

Janne Persson

Sales Manager Sweden
+46 70 581 96 16

Jan Persson, or Janne as called amongst friends, entered the world of printed circuits with a mullet in the late eighties. His main focus ever since, has been keeping the customers happy and learn.

As one of the most experienced Sales Managers within printed circuits in Sweden, with a background both in sales and production, he gladly advices the customers on the process of PCB production and are you lucky, you also get one of his many fun stories, for free.

Michel Buia

Sales Manager France
+33 662 289 002

Michel Buia, the James Bond of printed circuits has been in the industry since just after graduation at Business School in Paris when he joined the family business of PCB Manufacturing. He stayed with the company until 2004,  since then he has worked with PCB sales at various companies.

His knowledge around printed circuits and way of being is respected all over France.

Why James Bond? Michel Buia is a man of class, respect and honour.

Alexandre Buia

Sales Manager France
+33 677 98 63 58

Rafal Stankiewicz

Sales Manager Poland
+48 507 704 236

Andrea Queirolo

Sales Manager Italy
+39 342 80 300 72

Our dedicated team

The take on the job in Operations in CONFIDEE. Stack ups and Gerber.

Constantin Tanase

Operations Manager
+44 7438 602757

Roger Johansen

Operations Manager
+47 901 56 465

Craig Haywood

Operations Manager
+44 741 9359 802

Raymond Goh

Chief Operations Officer
+852 5163 2231

Asle Høibybråten

Operations Manager
+47 907 19 635

Yik Chuang Tang

Operations Manager
+852 5588 6426
Confidee AS

Postal: Silurveien 2, 0380 Oslo

VAT 929 538 366


Inger Lise Kogstad

Financial Manager
+ 47 928 61 879

Feti Jashari

Senior Software Engineer

Robert Kurti

Chief Information Officer
+47 939 32 266


Vidar Olsen

Chief Executive Officer
+47 913 39 374

Vidar has been in the electronics industry for 35 years working within sales, production, quality and procurement. His last ten years as Chief Procurement Officer developing close relations to manufacturing partners and customers.

Raymond Goh

Chief Operations Officer
+852 5163 2231

The R in Raymond stands for respect, as his calm yet uniquely professionalism is deeply respected and appreciated by many in the industry.

His knowledge around PCB technology and production is extensive. We use to say, that if Raymond can not make you understand the multiple processes of PCB production, no one can.

His experience from PCB production as Operations Director at Sanmina and close ties with all our Manufacturing partners, is a great value for his colleagues and our customers. Treating all involved in the supply chain with genuine respect and understanding, merging companies and people together with transparency and leading the way, steady as a rock.



Robert Kurti

Chief Information Officer
+47 939 32 266

Robert Kurtis plus ten years within the fields of  IT development and Cyber Security, makes him a valuable asset as Chief Information Officer for Confidee and a crucial piece in the development of our proprietary IT platform, ID.

As digital becomes a core competency, Kurti plays a key leadership role in the critical strategic, technical and management initiatives — from information security and algorithms to customer experience and leveraging data — that mitigate threats and drive business growth, all with compliance in focus.

In plus of being a vital source of knowledge within Cyber Security, he has educated himself within export compliance regulation, in particular the new regulation from US DoD, CMMC.

Asle Høibybråten

Operations Manager
+47 907 19 635

Asle Høibybråten has 25 years experience in the electronic industry. He simply loves working with Sales, Procurement and Operations.

He is solution oriented and will always strive to find the best option for all involved, both customers and manufacturing partners.

He has the ability to think long term, see the big picture and be flexible when needed.


Anders Evensen

Compliance Manager
+47 936 69 216

As our Compliance Manager, Anders Evensen is the mastermind establishing and developing our comprehensive Compliance Program. Developing internal policies and procedures,  interpreting the legal language and ensuring that Confidees policies and procedures comply with regulatory and ethical standards, that all staff is trained accordingly, and that the compliance program is frequently updated with current and accurate information on the company’s business operations.

As our compliance specialist, his analytical professionalism is crucial in regards to audits, implementing company policies, and designing control systems.

Anders got his Law Degree at the University in Oslo in 2015 and has since then worked both privately and for the local Government.


Guro Krossen

Communications Manager
+47 481 93 838

Guro Krossen has worked plus 20 years within the media industry as PR Manager for various TV channels and within theatrical release of numerous movies. She is experienced, dedicated and creative. Background as a journalist, PR Manager, and Marketing Manager.

Her specialties: PR-strategies, marketing, events, building a brand, good communication skills and creating content with a certain flare.

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