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Strolling the floor at the International Paris Air Show, talking about why CONFIDEE is a perfect partner for the Aviation Industry.

The Buias visited The International Paris Air Show, Aviation Industry.

Last week we visited The International Paris Air Show, the 55th edition of the popular fair, a prestigious event in the aviation industry and attractive meeting arena for those in it. 

“As a PCB partner for French aviation companies and EMSs, we are excited to visit The International Paris Air Show, to meet up with existing and new customers, to discuss our capabilities in developing innovative solutions in the printed circuit supply chain”, says Sales Manager France Alexandre Buia.  

“What we focus on, is how we can help our customers with not only the PCB supply, also choosing the correct supplier for the correct projects, by adherence to strict compliance standards to uphold quality, security, and accountability. The Aviation Industry operates under stringent regulations and requirements, it’s also an industry with sensitive projects, where data security is of the highest importance and a key to maintain success”, says Buia. 

A crucial aspect of this success lies in building a strong and transparent supply chain. CONFIDEE boasts a network of trusted suppliers. We understand that each step in a product’s lifecycle demands specific expertise, that data protection is the way to obtain a secure supply chain, which is why we diligently involve the right suppliers for every stage, ensuring optimal results and timely deliveries. 

With 2500 exhibitors from 46 countries, 300 start-ups, 150 aircrafts present and 125 000 sqm of exhibition space, there is lots to take in. We met up with many of our customers for fruitful discussions and interesting presentations. It’s always a pleasure to walk the floor in the Paris Air Show, so many old friends, good discussions and we always go back home with many new acquaintances. 

Did you not meet us in Paris or want to link up with the Buias?
Reach them here or connect with them on LinkedIn:
Alexandre Buia
Michel Buia


News from the French Aviation Industry

Written by: Guro Krossen

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