Dual-use, do you have control?

Dual-use, many risks for compliance breaches.

Dual-use, a concept with many aspects and potential risks of compliance breaches. President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen recently made a call for Europe to assume what she called “strategic responsibility” in defence matters, also addressing the development of dual-use technologies. Technology is evolving rapidly, and advancements in dual-use technologies may outpace […]

“Compliant PCBs demands a Cradle-to-grave Security and Screening”

Through data traceability, transparency in all we do, documentation of every step and by attacking the topic systematically, we ensure compliance for our partners. Below you can read a few points given by our Compliance Manager, Anders Evensen, on what requirements and actions one need to take, to achieve a compliant PCB supply chain. Imprisonment […]

Enters Norwegian Defence and Security Directory

F-35 Norway

As FSI plays a vital role in bringing together leading defence industry organizations to collaborate and drive innovation in the defence sector, having strong members with thorough knowledge from all parts of the defence supply chain is crucial. Terje Nylund, FSI, is in such perspective, very pleased to welcome CONFIDEE, with their knowledge and experience to […]

Member of Defence and Security association

CONFIDEE announces their entrance as new member to The Swedish Security and Defence Industry Association, SOFF.“We believe that communication and transparency in regard to supply chain security is the best practise to ensure compliance in this heavily regulated industry”, says CONFIDEE CEO Vidar Olsen.  “We are thrilled to welcome CONFIDEE as a new member of […]

Qualified PCB partner launching for weeks

Finally we are here Even if it’s been a pleasure launching the company and acting under the alias Watch us Launch, (site can be found here) it is a pleasure to take off the wrapping and step into our true role, as your Regulatory Technology printed circuit partner. Sounds unknown and hard to understand? Its […]

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