Qualified PCB partner launching for weeks

Maybe you have looked at our site the last weeks watching us launch? Its been a joy “talking” to you all and hopefully spreding some smiles, laughter and curiosity around our launching strategy.

We have had a lot of fun – thank you for following our baby steps into the spotlight – NOW the journey begins!

Finally we are here

Even if it’s been a pleasure launching the company and acting under the alias Watch us Launch, (site can be found here) it is a pleasure to take off the wrapping and step into our true role, as your Regulatory Technology printed circuit partner.

Sounds unknown and hard to understand? Its not.

As Wikipedia says it:

Regulatory technology, Abrv: RegTech, is the use of information technology to enhance regulatory and compliance processes. RegTech is most usefully applied to heavily regulated industries and activities such as financial services, gaming, healthcare, pharmaceutical, energy and aviation. RegTech puts a particular emphasis on regulatory monitoring, reporting and compliance and aims to enhance transparency as well as consistency and to standardize regulatory processes, to remove ambiguity from regulations and provide higher quality outcomes at a lower cost.[1]


About Confidee

Confidee is a printed circuit partner, delivering PCB to the world’s most advanced technologies. We are a Regulatory Technology company, securing the customers and manufacturing partners PCB data by monitoring and reporting on compliance in the supply chains, through our proprietary IT platform. Our headquarter is located in Oslo with local offices globally.

We are your CONFIDEE – the partner to whom one trusts.  

Qualified PCB partner launching for weeks

Written by: Guro Krossen

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