Innovation and technological transformation – positive vibe in Italy

Innovation and technological transformation, key elements that were thoroughly discussed during last week’s MECSPE fair in Bologna, Italy.

Andrea Quierolo reported back from a crowded and interesting event. This was the 22nd edition of the fair, a reference point for the manufacturing sector and great area for discussions and meeting opportunities between production technologies and industrial supply chains. Three days, 2068 companies from all over Italy and 66906 enthusiastic visitors made the event a success. 

“Italy might not be known as a country with rapid changes; however, I do feel a new wind of transition drifting over the Italian electronics industry. Some explanation to this might be the 4.0 incentives implemented lately, encouraging the industry to embrace digitalisation, sustainability and innovation”, says Sales Manager Italy Andrea Queirolo.  

Encourage and assist more companies to growth
With the Transition 5.0 plan, the goal is to encourage and assist more companies to growth and innovation, despite challenges in the industry. This new plan introduces targeted incentives to promote energy efficiency, self-consumption from renewable sources, and training in the industrial sector. The transition from Industry 4.0 to Industry 5.0 is gradually affecting Italian businesses, as they strive for sustainable solutions in the complete digitization of their facilities and production processes. 

No longer buzz words
“Another topic buzzing in the halls, was the one of the powers of Artificial Intelligence and its seemingly endless opportunities. Artificial intelligence, robotics and cloud computing are no longer buzz words, but incorporated into supply chains and production”, says Queirolo. 

“Last year Confidee invited to a full day seminar with ACx Design and Leading Edge, the key takes away from this event was the implementation of AI, how to improve the supply chain and design PCBs for the future. Cloud computing offer new opportunities; however, it also brings attention to the importance of data security, access control and compliance, elements of which we at Confidee build our entire structure and business upon”, Queirolo adds. 

When technology evolves, new opportunities and innovation arise
A supply chain given extra attention this year, was the one for the Automotive Industry, with the Italian- German Forum 2035, where there are expected many changes to be faced within 2035. 

“When technology evolves, new opportunities arise. Within the automotive industry, some of the challenges discussed in Bologna, are the ones concerning lighter materials, more on-board electronics, power lines, production facilities and a more transparent and controlled supply chain. At Confidee, we are dedicated to continually enhancing our supply chain security and acquiring certifications across various industries. In sectors subject to stringent regulations, our customers greatly value the assurance of collaborating with a trusted partner. For us, our proprietary developed IT system and trusted network of global manufacturing partners, allows us to provide PCBs according to all requirements, industry specific standards and regulations” says Queirolo. 

If you are interested in learning more on how Confidee provides PCBs through our network of trusted supplying partners, and innovative IT system, safeguarding  your data, monitoring your supply chain and ensuring regulatory compliance – feel free to reach out.

Innovation and technological transformation – positive vibe in Italy

Written by: Guro Krossen

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