Drones fly high in technology and popularity

When it comes to drones, it seems the industry cannot get enough insights, live presentations, knowledge or industry feedback.

Last week the International Drone Show took place in Denmark. We were there to meet, discuss and share our expertise.

Drones have surged in popularity due to their versatility and advanced technology. Initially developed for military use, drones have now permeated various sectors, including agriculture, entertainment, logistics, and emergency services. With the popularity a responsibility follows, a responsibility to ensure security not only for the product itself, but also for data protection in the supply chain, material selections and design challenges. This is also why drone events are great to increase both your knowledge and network.

“The collaborative environment that the International Drone Show offers, allows the attendees to easily network and make valuable connections with knowledgeable professionals in the industry”, says Sales Manager Denmark Torben Hajslund. 

Technological advancements have transformed drones from basic remote-controlled devices to sophisticated machines equipped with high-resolution cameras, GPS, and advanced technology.  

“These enhancements allow for precise navigation, real-time data transmission, and automated flight patterns; however, they also raise the bar related to the design, all the way down to the core of it all, the printed circuit”, says Hajslund. 

“At Confidee we have witnessed a significant rise in customers seeking design advice for their printed circuits intended for drones. Our team assists daily with both the design and production of printed circuits for drones to several industries. Drones are frequently employed for military purposes, making regulatory expertise paramount. Understanding the intended use is vital to ensure that the design, materials, and production location are optimal. Additionally, if your product falls under dual-use regulations, it is essential to have a partner who can adeptly manage these demands. Confidee is committed to providing the expertise and support necessary to navigate these complexities effectively”, says Hajslund. 

Drone design and thus the design for printed circuits for drones have developed a lot the last years. Miniaturization has played a critical role in the evolution of drone technology. By reducing the size and weight on for instant the PCBs, manufacturers have been able to create smaller, more agile drones without compromising functionality. This miniaturization extends to cameras, batteries, and sensors, allowing even compact drones to perform high-end tasks that previously required larger models.  

PCBs are at the heart of this miniaturization. High-density interconnect (HDI) PCBs are particularly significant for small drones, featuring finer lines and spaces, smaller vias, and capture pads to allow more circuitry to fit into a smaller area. This high density is essential for integrating the numerous sensors, processors, and communication modules that modern drones require. 

The materials used in PCBs have also evolved, with a shift towards more durable and heat-resistant substrates. These materials support higher circuit densities and improve the reliability of connections, which is crucial for drones operating in varying environmental conditions. 

“The show offered drone demonstration flights, insights on relevant drone industry topics and inspiring talks from experts. Drones are popular, efficient and filled with high technology. However, it’s important to remember and ensure safety in design and production as they might operate in extreme conditions, and to ensure that you collaborate a partner that keeps your data safe, yet transparent to those who need to have access.”, Hajslund concludes. 

If you are interested in more details and tips of PCB design for drones, please take a look at this article.

If you want to discuss design, production or our trusted PCB suppliers, please reach out to us here.

Drones fly high in technology and popularity

Written by: Guro Krossen

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