The do´s and dont´s in PCB design

When it comes to PCB production and design, there are many factors to consider, standards to follow and potential mistakes to avoid. Our Operations Manager Constantin Tanase, solves hundreds of Engineering Queries yearly. Wonder what the most common ones are? Look below.

Engineering queries on PCB.

Designing a PCB requires careful planning and consideration to ensure functionality, reliability, and efficiency.
Taking the time to diligently design and seek expert advice is crucial because it can prevent costly errors, optimizes the layout for signal integrity, and ensures compliance with manufacturing standards.

We help our customers with engineering queries every day, and know that expert input can provide valuable insights around pcb design, production and manufacturability. Ultimately leading to a more robust and efficient final product. Investing this time upfront saves both time and resources in the long run, avoiding potential redesigns and ensuring the PCB meets its intended performance requirements.

We are always happy to help.


The do´s and dont´s in PCB design

Written by: Constantin Tanase

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