CONFIDEE partners with DHL to cut the carbon emissions on global shipments

Confidee has signed an agreement with DHL to enable the use of Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) through the DHL GoGreen Plus Service and actively reduce the carbon impact on global shipments.

Sustainable airfreight is important for Confidee.

“We are happy to have Confidee onboard on this journey towards an eco-friendly supply chain, it emphasizes their seriousness and responsibility towards compliance and sustainability. As the world’s leading logistics provider, we work thoroughly to promote SAF accessibility, affordability and positive impacts on our customers supply chains”, says Terje Aarbog, CEO DHL Express Norway 

Considering Confidee`s role as an entrusted Printed Circuit Partner for the world’s most precise technologies with global supply, it is imperative for them to engage and act in a partnership with DHL and leverage their GoGreen Plus Service, incorporating Sustainable Aviation Fuel to reduce carbon emissions.  

“As a trusted printed circuit partner, we have a responsibility to safeguard and monitor our partners supply chains to ensure regulatory compliance. Beyond regulatory obligations, we also embrace a corporate responsibility for a more sustainable PCB supply chain, by actively reducing the carbon emission on our shipments”, says CEO at Confidee Vidar Olsen. 

The collaboration not only aligns with Confidee`s commitment to environmental responsibility but also addresses the urgent need to reduce carbon emissions associated with frequent global shipments by air, thereby contributing significantly to a sustainable and eco-friendly supply chain. 

CONFIDEE partners with DHL to cut the carbon emissions on global shipments

Written by: Guro Krossen

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