Certification for Aviation, Space and Defence Industry

“We are extremely proud to announce that we are AS9120 and ISO9001 certified. This is an important milestone for us and a game changer,” says COO Raymond Goh.

Raymond Goh, leading the certification of CONFIDEE.

CONFIDEE a leading PCB partner, proudly announces its recent achievement of AS9120 certification. This prestigious certification highlights the company’s commitment to excellence, quality, and customer satisfaction, making it a preferred choice for all defence and aerospace needs.

“We were encouraged by some of our major partners in the defence sector to achieve this certification. The standard is part of the AS9100 series, and includes all the ISO 9001 requirements, plus specific requirements and controls related to the aerospace industry. For us it is a given to comply with our partners requirements related to traceability, quality control, and documentation,” says Goh.

AS9120 is a globally recognized standard specifically designed for suppliers in the aviation, space and defence industry operated by the International Aerospace Quality Group (IAQG). It represents the highest level of quality and excellence in the supply chain, ensuring that products and services meet stringent industry requirements and regulations. CONFIDEE’s attainment of this certification underscores its dedication to delivering superior solutions to its customers.

“As a trusted partner for several major actors in the defence and aerospace industry, being certified with AS9120 demonstrates our commitment to quality and risk management in our partners supply chain. We are always raising the bar to the highest level, whether we are talking about our level of quality and excellence in the supply chain, or meeting the stringent industry requirements and regulations,” says Goh.

The certification not only provide market acceptance, but it also leads the organization to understand the impact of risk in their processes, improve customer confidence and satisfaction, assure consistency of quality of goods and services and establish a proactive culture of prevention and improvement.

CONFIDEE has since launching demonstrated a commitment to fostering a compliant PCB supply chain, being the first Nordic PCB partner to achieve the AS9120 certification further underscores this.

Certification for Aviation, Space and Defence Industry

Written by: Guro Krossen

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