Vidar Olsen in lead and appointed CEO of Confidee

We are happy to announce that Vidar Olsen is appointed Chief Executive Officer of Confidee, the only compliant PCB partner, launching in January taking compliance to the next level.

“I can think of nothing better than to lead this group of enthusiastic colleagues towards new goals. After decades in the industry, we found our niche in the market, compliance. As a result, we are designing the most complex and advanced proprietary IT platform in the industry, able to handle and document the most complex compliance regulations, securing the supply chain, and protecting our customers’ data”, says Olsen.   

“While many create systems based on their internal needs and requirements, we have built a system with our customers’ and manufacturing partners’ needs and requirements in scope – that’s the difference”, says Olsen.  

The build up to the full launch and revelation of the name, strategy and team was set to January 2023, where the team behind Confidee, counted down every second on the website and revealing small hint and information about the new company coming:  

“Our value Transparency is reflected in how we will cooperate with our partners, and our second value, Personal, says something about how we handle business, and we think the launch strategy is quite personal”, says Olsen with a smile.  

Vidar Olsen in lead and appointed CEO of Confidee

Written by: Guro Krossen

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