The do´s and dont´s in PCB design

Engineering queries on PCB.

Designing a PCB requires careful planning and consideration to ensure functionality, reliability, and efficiency. Taking the time to diligently design and seek expert advice is crucial because it can prevent costly errors, optimizes the layout for signal integrity, and ensures compliance with manufacturing standards. We help our customers with engineering queries every day, and know […]

Defence innovation and compliance driving the industry further

defence compliance

Action75 gathered the entire Danish defence industry for three spectacular days, celebrating Denmark’s 75 years in the NATO alliance.  “I am truly honored and proud to have participated in this event. The breadth and diversity of exhibitors, content, and demonstrations were truly remarkable. Witnessing the industry’s evolution over 75 years highlights its complexity. The growing […]

Engineering the Cosmos: Premier PCB Solutions for Space Applications

Is your PCB entering Space?

Last week we had the pleasure of visiting the Swedish Institute for Space Physics in Kiruna, it’s always delightful to meet fellow space enthusiasts and discuss challenges, changes and needs. When designing PCBs for space, it requires careful consideration of numerous factors to ensure reliability and functionality in the harsh conditions they will encounter.  “Visiting […]

How to turn a “decline to quote”, into a successful production?

Quote and DFM for PCBs

One of the most enjoyable things about working with PCB’s is the variation of technology types, until that email lands with the design layout, you never know what the workday is going to entail. This variation helps keep the interest and it’s always an eyebrow raiser when a new technology type lands, whether it’s new […]

Billion-dollar investments impact the defence supply chain and its focus

Picture from defence industry

“My key take-away from the very interesting “Become a Supplier to the Armed Forces” day, arranged by CenSec, was the increased focus on security, data protection and need for correct certifications that are applicable for the defence industry. The investments will be on the billion-dollar size in the coming years, bringing awareness to the industry, […]

“How can the robotics industry realise the automation potential?”

A few examples of drones and robotics in Denmark.

What is the automation potential, what challenges will we face and how to address them?   “The drone industry is poised for substantial growth, driven largely by the promise of automation. However, several challenges must be addressed to fully harness the automation potential within the industry. Many aspects regarding security, in particular cybersecurity, production, the […]

Speed dating at the Estonian Embassy

Swedish_Estonian Industry defence day 2024.

“Collaboration fosters innovation. By exchanging insights and experiences, companies within the defence industry can identify shared challenges and solutions, leading to advancements in production, increased knowledge and a more secure supply chain”, says Sales Manager Finland Terho Koivisto.  We, as an industry, united in purpose, must stand together to raise awareness of the critical importance of […]

Innovation and technological transformation – positive vibe in Italy

Andrea Queirolo attending fair in Bologna.

Andrea Quierolo reported back from a crowded and interesting event. This was the 22nd edition of the fair, a reference point for the manufacturing sector and great area for discussions and meeting opportunities between production technologies and industrial supply chains. Three days, 2068 companies from all over Italy and 66906 enthusiastic visitors made the event […]

CONFIDEE approved by Terma A/S

Confidee is approved by Terma. Picture of satellite in space with earth on distance.

CONFIDEE approved by Terma A/S “We are honored to announce that we are approved as supplier for Danish Termas Space division”, says Vidar Olsen CEO Confidee. Confidee, focusing on supply chain protection, safeguarding data and compliant printed circuits, has provided both ESA and non-ESA printed circuits for the Danish company. “Our unwavering commitment to compliance […]

CONFIDEE Bolsters Growth with Strategic Expansion

Tony Mok, latest colleague at the Confidee growth in team.

“We are excited to welcome Tony Mok on board. His extensive and longstanding expertise in PCB manufacturing aligns seamlessly with our commitment of being a preferred PCB partner, fostering both experience and robust relationships with our trusted suppliers”, says CEO Vidar Olsen.  Confidee, who lately has experienced a substantial surge in demand across Asia, has strategically […]

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