Transforming Gerber files and “treasures” to live data and avoiding costly mistakes

The take on the job in Operations in CONFIDEE. Stack ups and Gerber.

At CONFIDEE we have organised our skilled printed circuit experts under Operations. One of our Operations Managers, Constantin Tanase has decades of experience within PCB Manufacturing. Transforming the customers treasures (files, data, Gerbers, drawings) to live data in our system, ensuring all is correct and producible according to the specifications given and regulations applying for […]

Why data from space is valuable and what to consider for PCBs going there?

When designing printed circuit boards for the space industry, there are many factors to consider.

Some weeks ago, we attended The National Space Conference in Denmark. The space industry is blooming. Authorities uses satellite data to protect our nature, climate, and the environment when monitoring emission targets and pollution. Business communities uses satellite data to develop new digital solutions, the transport sector to optimise logistics and route planning, and the […]

CONFIDEE partners with DHL to cut the carbon emissions on global shipments

Sustainable airfreight is important for Confidee.

“We are happy to have Confidee onboard on this journey towards an eco-friendly supply chain, it emphasizes their seriousness and responsibility towards compliance and sustainability. As the world’s leading logistics provider, we work thoroughly to promote SAF accessibility, affordability and positive impacts on our customers supply chains”, says Terje Aarbog, CEO DHL Express Norway.   Considering […]

Protecting data. Securing IP. Defending your Supply Chain

Protecting your data in the defense industry is crucial.

Protecting your data. Securing your IP. Defending your Supply Chain Last week, we participated at a seminar arranged by SOFF regarding exactly these topics. How to navigate data protection and cybersecurity requirements to be part of the US Government supply chain. We grasp every opportunity to participate in discussions and share our knowledge regarding how […]

Experiencing new drone technology and providing some tips

Late August we visited the local International Drone Show (IDS) at HCA Airport in Odense, Denmark. Drones are here to stay, and the technology is continuously evolving. As always, experience new drone technologies in action, networking and listen to some of the biggest players in Denmark & Europe’s drone industry, is always enriching.    “Being a […]

New Chinese restriction causing trouble in the PCB supply chain?

China has implemented restrictions on two crucial raw materials, gallium and germanium, materials used in batteries and microchips, among other things. Lately there has been buzz in media about how these new restrictions will affect the industry and might cause disruptions in the supply chains. We wondered what our COO Raymond Goh think about this […]

Continuous growth and recruitment from UK manufacturing

CONFIDEE excels in recruiting top-tier talent from the highest echelon of printed circuit manufacturing, ensuring unparalleled expertise and quality in their team.  CONFIDEE is thrilled to announce the appointment of Constantin Tanase, widely known as Costa, as the new Operations Manager. With an impressive 16-year track record within the PCB manufacturing sector, Costa brings a wealth of experience and expertise to […]

Empowering European Partners with QTA Prototyping and Transparency

Recently, we had the opportunity to work closely with a European customer on a time-sensitive project involving a 4-layer PCB prototype manufactured in Asia, with a QTA of 10 days from production to delivery.    “All projects start with a prototype. Serving as the foundation for future editions, refining design, validating functionalities, and identifying potential […]

Celebrating one year with growth!

Last week we celebrated CONFIDEE’s one-year anniversary! It has been an incredible journey of growth, learning, and building strong relationships within the PCB industry. We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to our valued and esteemed partners, and the entire PCB industry for trusting us with their business and supporting our vision; to provide […]

Warm welcome to the team! 

We are so pleased to announce the addition of Roger Johansen and Inger Lise Kogstad to our dynamic team. With their extensive expertise and shared commitment to CONFIDEE’s values, Johansen and Kogstad will play vital roles in enhancing operations and accounting, respectively.  Roger Johansen, a seasoned professional with PCB experience dating decades back, joins CONFIDEE […]

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