5-bond stage 18 layer with 4 levels of stacked micro vias? No problem

We recently received an order for an 18-layer, high tech PCB within the Defence Industry. Due to the complexity there were some issues with production at previous provider.
How to solve it?

Assisting with DFM to our partners is one of our strengths, Operations Manager Craig Haywood, has decades of experience in PCB manufacturing, he worked his magic this time as well. 

“The intricate nature of the design presented considerable challenges for the customer during the production process. We looked at it together and I advised them to remove the resin filled through via in pad as there were very small track and spacings on the outer layers with too much plating. As there were already micro vias with buried via sub in the design, customer was able to redesign, and we moved the through via in pad to the micro vias. Challenge solved,” says Operations Manager Craig Haywood. 

Confidee`s, belief in transparency, technical expertise, and predictability reflects our dedication to being more than just a PCB provider. 

“We aim to be a trusted and indispensable partner in our customers’ success. In an industry driven by innovation and evolving technologies, we understand the significance of providing relevant and up-to-date technical guidance. This not only ensures that our partners receive the best solutions for their unique requirements but also strengthens the collaborative nature of our relationship”, says Sales Manager Denmark, Torben Hajslund. 

Would you like to talk about PCB design or improvements of a challenging design?
Please, reach out.

Why us?

  • Global supplier base for all Capabilities. 
  • We are 22 dedicated colleagues, eager to assist you.  
  • Contracts with and approved by most Tier 1 defense product owners in the Nordics.
  • Local presence in Australia, Denmark, Germany, Finland, France, Italy, Norway (HQ), Poland and Sweden. 

5-bond stage 18 layer with 4 levels of stacked micro vias? No problem

Written by: Guro Krossen

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