Your Regulatory Technology Printed Circuit Partner


We provide compliant Printed Circuits!

We are a PCB partner, safeguarding data, monitoring your supply chain and ensuring regulatory compliance.

Our proprietary developed IT system and trusted network of global manufacturing partners, allows us to provide PCBs according to all requirements, industry specific standards and regulations.


We have a responsibility

Every component of technology is crucial to those who rely on it. As a PCB RegTech partner for the world’s most precise technologies, we acknowledge the responsibility that comes with our role.

This recognition forms the foundation of Confidee.

In 2022 some passionate PCB Experts decided to act upon a shared goal; being the most Compliant PCB Partner.

With this comes the importance of knowledge and transparency. To be compliant we need to identify, monitor and report every essential detail in the PCB supply chain. 

This requires a strong commitment and personal engagement with partners and all relevant stakeholders, while also establishing a groundbreaking system for secure PCB documentation, authentication and delivery.


Our IT platform and methodology is what identifies our product, and all parameteres in your supply chain

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Unique platform - passionate minds

We are the only compliant printed circuit partner, protecting your supply chain with our unique platform and our passionate minds.

Our experience is profound and our values, Transparency and Personal act as guidelines in all we do.

This is why we are, your CONFIDEE

– To whom one trusts  

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